House Rules

Welcome to my domain.  I love visitors, otherwise I wouldn't bother with the trouble of a blog sharing my life experiences as an average joe with a day job that has, through fate and circumstance, taken homeowner Do-It-Yourself philosophy to what some might consider an extreme.

I'll make this disclaimer once on this site - it's an important one.  I am not a licensed home improvement contractor, electrician, plumber, or otherwise licensed or certified in any other trade commonly associated with home improvement - nor do I have any formal training in any of these trades.  The advice I share here on this blog is solely the benefit of knowledge and experience I have acquired over 30+ years and three houses worth of self-inflicted DIY home improvement, supplemented from what I have picked up from innumerable hours of independent research, hands-on trial-and-error, and soliciting the advice of experts when I knew I was in over my head.  This last thing - I cannot overstate the value of asking for advice - or, more importantly, being willing to admit when it's needed.  There is not a functional component of my house which I have not repaired, replaced, or messed with in some fashion, and accomplishing this successfully would not have been possible without pinging experts in the field from time to time.  If you're taking up the type of projects highlighted in this blog, I strongly advise you take the same attitude with regard to expert advice.  It will keep you from making embarrassing, expensive, and possibly fatal mistakes.

It takes time to run a blog, particularly when it's your responsibility to generate content for it.  I have opted to allow advertisements on this site in the hopes of recouping a little of that investment.  I do not personally approve, endorse, or otherwise show favoritism in regards to which ads show up on this blog.  The ad service I use is the same one that thousands of other web sites use and it tailors ad delivery to the individuals viewing the blog (you).  When I view my own blog, I see a lot of ads for building supplies, home electronics, cars, outdoor sports, etc. because that characterizes the subject matter that I spend a lot of time viewing on the internet.  What you see on your end might be completely different.  If you see something objectionable, drop me a note and I'll see what I can do about it.

A Note on Comments
As much as I love visitors, I love to hear from you even more.  Aside from ad revenue, feedback is the holy grail of every serious blogger (by "serious" I mean someone who has undertaken a blog with careful attention to it's purpose; someone who cares about the quality and usefulness of the content and sincerely wishes to share something to educate, entertain, or otherwise benefit their audience).  Feedback tells the writer that people are listening to what he has to say.  Positive feedback is great in that it indicates that the writer has connected with his audience.  This is the highest form of compliment that can be paid to a blogger by their dear readers.  Even negative feedback is to be valued by the serious blogger, since it means that the audience cares enough to opine on how one could make their blog better.

That being said, the Internet is a wild place with wild people who occasionally act in unpredictable and disturbing ways.  So with these "House Rules" I wish to set the tone for this blog in regards to what behavior is encouraged vs. that which is not.  If you've bothered to read this far under the heading of "House Rules", I'm guessing you won't need to read the rest.

And you probably shouldn't.

Oh well, you've been warned.

Rules for commenting on this blog
  1. The Golden Rule.  This makes pretty much all of the following rules redundant, but some people are dense so I'll drone on.
  2. Anonymous Comments - The Honor Code.  I keep the comments section of my blog posts open to Anonymous comments, since I retain a measure of hope in humanity that we're all big boys and girls and can play nicely on a blog dedicated to something as innocuous as DIY home improvement.  I reserve the right to moderate or delete comments that violate my professional ethics, personal ideals or otherwise run afoul of the House Rules.  Note to First Amendment trolls:  Read the effing Constitution again.  The U.S. Constitution has absolutely no bearing on the manner in which I treat your comments on my blog.
  3. Don't plagiarize.  All written work, photographs, video, etc. on this blog is the property of - the exception being those items embedded via links to external websites or quoted with direct attribution to the source.  I am keenly aware of the value of well prepared internet content, and respect the rights  of my fellow bloggers and website developers to profit from the work they have already done.  I don't do plagiarism and I don't tolerate being plagiarized.  If you see something here you like, and would like to repeat it on your own website, quote me and link it.  Chances are I'll return the favor.  More links = more pageviews = more ad revenue (if that's your thing).  If you're suffering from a social pathology that prevents you from thriving within that mutually beneficial win-win-win framework, then you're a bad person and don't deserve the Internet.
  4. Troll at your own risk.  This is a site dedicated primarily to home improvement and other forms of Do-It-Yourselfishness.  If you have a bee in your bonnet over politics, religion, or other socially fractious issues I suggest you stifle the urge and stick to the topic of home improvement.
Above all, thanks for visiting and welcome to my House - however perpetually under-construction it may be.


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